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Covid-19: We are Here to Help!

With everything going on worldwide with Covid-19, we know that nonprofits are not only on the frontlines, but are also worried about, or are already experiencing some of the effects of the economic disruptions as well.

We don’t want fear or lack of funds to keep you from your mission, or helping those you serve.

Effective immediately we will be awarding MORE scholarships to help nonprofits during this difficult season.

If you have a need, please apply below. We will be reviewing and awarding scholarships in real time, and helping as many nonprofits as we can during this season.

Every Quarter, we award 1 Scholarship to help an amazing nonprofit pay for Ready, Set, Fundraise!


Our team never wants funding to be the thing that keeps nonprofits from reaching their goals - or keeps them from receiving training that can help them change the world. 

That's why we created the Ready, Set, Fundraise Scholarship!

Every quarter, we pick 1 nonprofit and donate a select amount towards the cost of Ready, Set, Fundraise.

We know your organization is amazing, so all you need to do is make sure you meet the requirements, and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


We just ask that you meet 3 requirements: 


That you are a registered 501c3 with a few donors

We help nonprofits of all sizes, but Ready, Set, Fundraise works best for organizations that are already a 501c3, and have at least a few donors on their file. So if you are still forming your world changing organization, we'd ask that you apply after you have your 501c3 complete.

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That you really want Ready, Set, Fundraise

If you are just "kind of" interested, or will "maybe do it" if you get a discount - then this Scholarship isn't for you. We want this to go to an organization who just can't WAIT to get started with Ready, Set, Fundraise and can see how it would help their organization change the world.

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That the Scholarship is a NEED for your organization

We know everyone has needs, and that budgets matter to everyone. But we really want this scholarship to go to an organization who doesn't have the budget or resources for Ready, Set, Fundraise.


If you check all 3 then we'd love you to apply!

We review and announce winners 4 times during the year:

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March 30th

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June 30th

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Sept 30th

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Dec 30th


Just fill out the form below to apply!

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If we didn't answer your question below, please email us at [email protected] and we will make sure we do!


Ready to Apply? Just fill out the form below!

Winners will be notified via email, so make sure you include that in your application.

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