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There are 3 BIG mistakes that most nonprofits make when they fundraise:

  1. They ask the wrong way (and at the wrong time)

  2. They spend time on the wrong things (which means more work for fewer donations)

  3. They make their donor communications more complicated than they need to be


Can you imagine...

  • Being positive that you are asking your donors for something they ACTUALLY WANT to give to? And having confidence that they will?
  • Spending your time on the right things, that will increase giving, make your donors happy, and even help you attract new donors to your organization?
  • Having a clear plan that you can ACTUALLY execute with your current team, current budget, and current schedule.

If any of this sounds like a dream, we want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. We've created a proven system to help you increase your donations, simplify your workload, and fundraise like a pro!

That’s why we can't wait to introduce you to Ready, Set, Fundraise™!

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Asking your donors in the wrong way.

Having confidence and clarity on how, when, and what to ask for. Plus a clear plan to do it that will work for your specific organization. You’ll be positive that you are asking your donors for something that they actually want to give, in the right way, at the right time. Which ultimately means more donations!

Spending time on the wrong things.

Spending your time following a proven, step-by-step plan that will save you time and money. From templates, and writing outlines, to checklists and our powerful RoadMap, you’ll never have to wonder what the next step is, or if you are doing it correctly again.

Making your donor communications more complicated than they need to be.

Fundraising is not intuitive, and there are so many options, theories, and opinions that it can be hard to know what to do and when to do it.  Ready, Set, FundraiseTM cuts through the confusion and gives you a clear and easy to follow plan with templates, timelines, writing outlines, and checklists to make your donor communications a breeze.

If you're ready to go from confusion to clarity with your fundraising communications...

Ready, Set, Fundraiseis designed just for you!


What makes Ready, Set, Fundraise

Unlike expensive consultants, or other paid training programs, Ready, Set Fundraise’s step-by-step plan, along with Life-Time Access, guarantees you will save both time & money Unlike with other programs (that have random topics in no logical order) - with Ready, Set, Fundraise you’ll never have to wonder what the next step is, or if you are doing things correctly again.

But with Ready, Set, Fundraise you’ll learn how to…

  • Set up a donor-focused communications plan for the year so that you have the right balance between asking for donations and reporting back - which is key to avoid donor burn out.  
  • Write a Fundraising Ask that donors ACTUALLY want to give to so that you can make more money while creating happy and loyal donors.  
  • Write, Design, Edit, and Execute all of your donor communications using proven strategies & best practices so that you are fundraising like a pro.
  • Automate your donor communications so that you can “set them” and “forget them” - giving you more time to focus on other areas of fundraising
  • Save time and money with our proven plan so that you will know you are doing the right things at the right time and with confidence.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Curious about what's included?
Here's a look inside Ready, Set, Fundraise...

Sessions 1-4

Get Ready

These power-packed sessions, and their supporting videos and resources, are designed to get you READY to fundraise like a pro.

These sessions include:

  • Website Audit (Value: $500)
    A big mistake that we see many nonprofits make, is that they don’t have an easy and compelling way for donors to give online. After this session, you won’t have that problem! We will help you make sure that your website is READY for Fundraising with our powerful Website Audit. The Audit will score where your website is at today, and the video and resources will give you a plan to make small and simple edits to make sure that you never miss out on an online donation again.
  • The Formula for a Strong Fundraising Ask (Value: $2,300)
    This video is probably the MOST POWERFUL and MOST IMPORTANT in Ready, Set, FundraiseTM. We teach you our easy, plug and play fundraising formula that will help you increase your donations, connect with your donors, and even wow potential donors (and your board members). This video and formula alone is worth the price of Ready, Set, FundraiseTM!
  • When to Communicate With Your Donors (Value: $1,200)
    No more guessing about when to send your donor communications. We literally give you the calendar! We will also walk you through every month of the year and help you figure out when additional communications may work best for your organization. You can follow our hand-picked dates, or create your own. Either way, after this session, you will feel confident that when you send, your donors will be ready to read.
  • The RoadMap (Value: $2,750)
    The RoadMap is a Creative Brief on steroids. Think of it as your donor communications Playbook or Cheat Sheet. The RoadMap intentionally and strategically walks you through each piece of information you need to write and design ALL of your donor communications. And it puts each piece in the right place so writing your communications will practically be plug-and-play! It’s also easy to share which makes outsourcing, or using another team member to write or design your communications, a breeze!

Plus, you'll get tools, templates, and more to help you get it done FAST and RIGHT.

Sessions 5-7

the Email Asks

Get everything you need to not only raise more money but also save more time with your fundraising appeals.

These sessions include:

  • Writing Your Ask Emails (value $1,500)
    How you write an appeal (or an ASK) is one of the most important communications you will send to your donors. In this video, we cover the six most important areas for you to focus your efforts on. And you’ll also get examples, templates, and a writing outline to help keep you on point and focussed on the right things.
  • Supporting Your Ask Emails Online (Value $1,000)
    The idea is that you want your donors to see your message in multiple places and your social media and website are a great low-cost option for this.  By writing your posts and website supporting pieces immediately after writing your ASKS, you will see how to reuse pieces that you’ve already written - so you don’t confuse your donors. (Not to mention,  it's easier and faster for you as you won’t have to recreate the wheel).  
  • Design for Your Ask Emails (Value $1,500)
    Once your copy is where you want it for your Asks and online support, we move to the final piece which is the design.  How you design the ASK Emails can really help your donors read your appeal and see where and how to donate.

PLUS, all the tools, examples, and help to make sure you are getting it done in a way that's best for your organization.


the Story Emails

Reporting back to your donors is KEY to keeping them engaged and giving to your organization. The videos, templates, and plan you'll follow with our Story Emails will help you keep your donors attached, and help them see the impact of their gift so they'll want to keep on giving.

These sessions include:

  • Writing Your Story Emails (Value $1,500)
    If you don’t share stories (without a hard ask), your donors can start to feel like you think they are an ATM. (Not good!) In this section, you will learn secrets to writing stories that show your mission in action. And yes, this section also includes examples, templates and a writing outline.
  • Supporting Your Story Emails Online (Value $1,000)
    Yes, we also recommend sharing stories on your social media and website. Here again, there are some time-saving tricks and tips to keep your time spent low, but the return in donor engagement high.
  • Design for Your Story Emails (Value $1,500)
    The design tips and tricks in this video will showcase the similarities and the differences in design techniques between the ASKS and the Stories 

PLUS, customizable pre-designed templates to save you time, tips, examples, and more to help you take action and see results.


the Calendar Year-End (CYE) Campaign

Calendar Year-End is a stressful time for so many nonprofits. But with our help, it no longer needs to be for you! You'll get everything you need to not only get CYE done early but help you raise more money too.

These sessions include:

  • Writing Your CYE Campaign (Value $2,000) 
    Whether you do one big campaign at the end of the calendar year or the end of your fiscal year (or other time of year) - we recommend a multi-channel multi-piece communication series. In this video, you will see how to build on the ASKS and STORIES and how to combine pieces of both into a powerful series.
  • Supporting your CYE Campaign Online (Value $1,500) 
    Just like the ASKS and STORIES, your big campaign also needs support online. This video will focus primarily on timing and (again) how to take things you have already written to use online.  
  • Design for Your CYE Direct Mail Piece (Value $1,500)
    In this video, we talk not just about the specs for creating your own direct mail design, but also a deeper dive on each of the pieces you should have as part of your direct mail package.  

PLUS, you'll learn how this can be used for other campaigns, AND how to translate all of your communications into Direct Mail Pieces too.

Sessions 15-18

Learn how to write and design a few of the less common communications.  Bond with your donors, your board and your new donors with these very important communications. 

the Tax Receipt + Annual Report (Sessions 15-16)

  • Writing & Designing Your Tax Receipt and Annual Report (Value $1500)
    These two different communications require a very different approach than the ASKS, STORIES or your CYE.  From swipe-copy on the tax receipt to how to write for your board in your annual report, there are tricks, examples and outlines to follow. Design them yourself or use our designs.  We share everything! 

the Welcome Series (Sessions 17-18)

  • Writing Your Welcome Series (Value $2500)
    Bonding your new donors with your organization is KEY.  How you do this is part science and part art and we recommend using a 3 part series.  We cover what to share, when to share it and how you should ask new donors to give another second gift. 
  • Designing Your Welcome Series (Value $2000)
    The final design video showcases the combination of both the ASK and the STORY design to use for your Welcome Series.  We also share how to “set it” and “forget it” (possibly for years!)

PLUS, our templates will save you time, and help you focus your time where it's needed most.

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You'll know what to do, when to do it, and have a clear and proven plan to get it done.


Just follow the steps, use the templates, and watch the donations roll in.


Connect with our team, and other fundraising professionals and leaders.


Save time and money with our templates and fundraising approved designs.

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How to Set Your 1 Year Fundraising Goal

We see so many organizations struggle to break their BIG fundraising goals into attainable yearly goals. This foundational video will walk you through a clear, easy, and powerful step-by-step plan to do just that. We include it all from overhead and capital needs, to operations and direct support to those you help; we show you not only HOW to get that important number, but also WHAT you need to do to get your donors onboard.

($197 value)


How to Acquire New Donors (On a Budget)

Every organization needs new donors’. And now, our best-selling mini-course is FREE with Ready, Set, FundraiseTM! We will walk you through cost-effective ways to find new donors. We cover everything from peer-to-peer fundraising, local fundraising opportunities, and other powerful strategies to help you get new $$ in the door - without spending big $$ to do it. 

($150 value)


How to Track and Share Your Success

Many organizations struggle with how to track and share their progress and success. But after this bonus session, you won’t be one of them. You’ll be able to wow your board members, your donors, and potential major donors by having a solid plan for tracking and reporting the results that really matter. This is a great foundation builder, or even a powerful reset if you feel like your reporting has gotten away from the main goals of what your organization was designed to do.

($75 value)


Working With a Print Vendor

If you are doing a direct mail piece, you may want to consider using a professional print vendor. Here we share our tips on what to ask, how to review an estimate and the two different ways you should proof your direct mail piece before you give the go-ahead to print. 

($250 value)


The No Risk Guarantee

We're behind you 100%!

There’s literally no risk involved because you’re backed by our buy-it and try-it 100% money-back guarantee!

If after the first Module you don’t think this is the right solution for your organization, we will refund your purchase.


Jackie + Kari.

We know that you started your nonprofit for a purpose. And our passion is to help you raise the money you need to achieve that goal. 

We’ve spent our careers helping multi-million dollar nonprofits raise money. But 5 years ago, we realized that there was a huge gap in the ability to help EVERY nonprofit - regardless of size or budget. 

Ready, Set, Fundraise came out of that dream. It includes everything we’ve done with large nonprofits for decades, and NOW it’s available to ANY nonprofit. With Ready, Set, Fundraise, you’ll increase your donations, simplify your donor communications, and confidently fundraise like a pro. And most of all, you’ll get closer to your goal of changing the world.

We can’t wait to meet you, and celebrate your success, inside Ready, Set, Fundraise!

Are you a perfect fit?

Ready, Set, Fundraise is right for you if...

  • You need to communicate with your donors - which let’s be honest, all nonprofits SHOULD be communicating with their donors :) If you are brand new, and don’t have any donors yet, no problem! We’d recommend that you START with our Monthly Workshops before moving into Ready, Set, Fundraise. Ready, Set, Fundraise will work best when your organization has a handful of general donors currently giving to your organization.
  • You (or someone on your team) is ready to spend a few hours a week working through Ready, Set, Fundraise. You can work at your own pace, or follow our 30 day plan, but either way we want to be able to APPLY what’s inside - not just let it sit on your computer and miss out on all of the incredible benefits. We know you are busy, but if you don’t apply what you learn you’ll miss the value ofReady, Set, Fundraise- and we don’t want to waste your money!
  • Your organization is recognized as a nonprofit by the IRS, in the United States. These principles and resources are specifically designed for nonprofits, and are vetted, tested, and proven in the US. (Fundraising principles vary from country to country, so if you are outside the US, we cannot guarantee that these are the correct steps you should be taking. However, you can find more support by joining our Monthly Workshops, where we can help with specific solutions for you.)

If you are a for-profit company and want to use this as a new-hire, team training, or with your clients (ex. agency, list brokerage service, production or merge purge shop). Click Here to contact us about  licensing options.

We can't wait to meet you inside Ready, Set, Fundraise!

If you're ready to change the way you fundraise,


If you’ve made it this far, you know how challenging and time-consuming fundraising communications can be. 

You also know that there’s never been a better time, in our uncertain world and economy, to raise the money you need to not only survive but thrive in the days ahead. 

Your mission, and those you serve, depend on you. So don’t let another day go by before you experience the freedom, clarity, and financial benefits of Ready, Set, FundraiseTM.


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