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Ready, Set, Fundraise!

Save Time and Money Creating Agency Quality Donor
Communications that Generate More Revenue & Improve your ROI.



Learn the secret to automating impactful and profitable fundraising  communications AND free up your budget (and your team) to grow other fundraising channels and income streams.


Earn more on your fundraising communications with the SAME strategies, secrets and best practices large agencies use - while spending a fraction of the cost. 


Focusing all your time and energy on your communications limits your growth. But with Ready, Set, Fundraise you'll have more time and more money to spend on opportunities that lead to lasting and sustainable revenue.

Ready, Set, Fundraise is an Agency "Alternative" Donor Communications Program that ANY Sized Nonprofit can Execute.

Ready, Set, Fundraise™ Includes:

  • Strategy

  • Offer Development

  • Communications Calendar (with exact dates for the year!)

  • 15 Donor Communications using email & direct mail

  • Plus proprietary information you won't find anywhere else:

    • the Formula for a Strong Ask

    • Execution tips & timeline that will save you time & money

"The Nonprofit Consulting Shop came highly recommended. They provide innovative ideas, as well as the tools that were key to us achieving our goals. Ready, Set, Fundraise is a must-have for any nonprofit."

Sheila Etonga
President & Founder, CLife

"“I learned more from the first two videos in Ready, Set, Fundraise than I learned from our consultant. And we paid more for the consultant!”"

K. Brown
President, Hospice of Clallam County

How It Works:

1. Purchase Ready, Set, Fundraise! 🎉


2. Use the resources in Ready, Set, Fundraise to complete your communications in 30 days or less. 😃


You can use our examples (free) or our vetted writers and designers (additional cost). Or  you can use your own team to complete the communications!


3. Leave your fundraising communications on auto pilot for the year. And spend your time and money focusing on other important areas of development/fundraising growth! 🔥

Clients are Reporting.....

With Ready, Set, Fundraise You Get..

20 Instructional Video Sessions that Guide You Through Every Step of the Process

7 Checklists - Designed to Ensure That Each Communication is Really Ready for Your Donors

Tip Sheets for Each Session to Help You Execute Right Away


A 30 Day Plan - to Help Keep You on Track and get Everything Done - FAST

Roadmaps to Walk You Through the Strategic Direction for each Communication

Examples to Follow and Use as Needed for ALL of the Communications

Writing Outlines for the Donor Communications + Social + Website

the Formula for a Strong Ask

Communication Calendar And Dates for EACH Donor Communication

Additional Help Sessions - There If You Need Them

Access to our Team for Quick Questions Along the Way

A Private Facebook Group for Questions & Community

Discounts for ALL Consulting Or Training Sessions

+ More!




Traditional options can cost you time and money, while keeping you trapped on the fundraising-hamster-wheel all year long. With Ready, Set, Fundraise you can produce agency-quality donor communications without the agency prices!

Ready, Set, Fundraise™ Includes...


Offer Development ($10,000 Value)

the Fundraising Formula ($7,000 Value)

Communications Calendar  ($5,000 Value)


15 Donor Communications ($5,000 Value)

Examples & Checklists ($1,000 Value)

20+ Videos, Templates, Tip Sheets, Checklists ($10,000 Value)


Time for Other Fundraising Ideas (Priceless)

Money for Other Fundraising Ideas (Priceless)

ALL our Fundraising Secrets (Priceless)

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What Our Clients Say:

"I learned more from the first two videos in Ready, Set, Fundraise than I learned from our consultant.  And we paid more for the consultant!" - K. Brown, President - Hospice of Clallam County


"The Nonprofit Consulting Shop came highly recommended. They provide innovative ideas, as well as the tools that were key to us achieving our goals. Ready, Set, Fundraise is a must-have for any nonprofit." - Sheila Etonga, President & Founder - C Life


"Ready, Set, Fundraise has changed our income, our team, and our impact. I can't recommend it enough." John T., Board Member

Get the Ready, Set, Fundraise Overview

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The Ready, Set, Fundraise Advantage...

  • Produce advertising-agency quality donor communications without the agency prices

  • Learn the secrets, proven strategies and best practices that agencies use to raise millions of dollars for their clients

  • Better communications that your donors actually want to read and give money to

  • Easy to Understand: Easy to Execute for any sized team

  • Easily Train your Staff

  • Complete your donor communications faster, so you can spend more time on other areas of development

  • No demanding schedules or meetings, work at your own pace on your own schedule

  • Ready, Set, Fundraise shows you WHAT to do, the WHY behind it, How to do it, AND the order to do it

  • Lifetime access to Ready, Set, Fundraise ensures you and your team can go back for a "refresher" at any time


Clients are Reporting.....

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready, Set, Fundraise includes a total of 15 donor communications, 3 Appeals/Asks, 3 Newsletters/Stories, a 4-part Year-End series, an Annual Report, a Tax Receipt plus a 3-part Welcome Series.  **If you are currently doing more communications, please send us an email at [email protected] and we can create a communication package that fits your needs**

The traditional process for generating a year's worth of donor communications is to work on them ALL YEAR LONG.  Using the Ready, Set, Fundraise process, you (or your team) can complete all of your donor communications in 30 days or less.  TIME IS MONEY, especially if you are using freelancers or outsourcing any of the writing/designing.  Revisions and miscommunications cost both time and money, and by setting the strategic direction, sending the roadmap and writing outline to your writers/designers will ensure everyone is on the same page, which should eliminate revisions, rewrites and stress.

Ready, Set, Fundraise was specifically designed to work with all types of US-based nonprofits.  However, it will work best for those organizations that have at least 100 current donors and have previously tried to do some fundraising communications.  If your organization currently has an advertising agency and you are looking to move the work in-house, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can discuss options for your organization.

the Ready, Set, Fundraise training package is a series of video sessions that build on each other. Each session includes the video which outlines the topic, concept and instructions.  Use the provided examples, tip sheets and other downloads to complete the tasks.  Once your "homework" is complete, you can GO! to the next session and repeat.  There are also some extra sessions in case you need a little extra help.

We can totally do that! Additional users at your current location are only $50 per person. We also have pricing for chapters.  Please email us at [email protected] and let us know how many chapters will be using Ready, Set, Fundraise and we will provide the pricing and instructions for chapter-based organizations.

Well, that is the idea, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that will be the outcome for each user.  There are just too many outside factors that could influence your results which are not in our control.  What we can say is that you will learn how to better communicate with your donors and by doing that, you SHOULD raise more money from them than you are currently.  If you follow the program, and do not see better results, then you can sign up for us to do an audit and review of your fundraising ask and/or your communications.

In addition to ALL of the content within Ready, Set, Fundraise you also get access to the Nonprofit Consulting Shop team and a community of nonprofits. After you sign up, you will be provided with our email addresses so you can ask us quick questions. Plus, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can post questions to us and/or to the community. And if you are really stuck, you can schedule some private consulting or training time with us. And because you are a part of Ready, Set, Fundraise, you get 25% OFF of the published prices for ANY consulting or training! 

We offer a wide variety of training and consulting services, including video calls, in-person training or even training for your entire organization.  You can pick from our list of topics, or you can pick your own!  And because you are a part of Ready, Set, Fundraise, you get 25% OFF of the published prices for any of the consulting or trainings we offer!

We would never want that.  The refund and cancellation process is super easy, but there are two criteria that need to be met. First, be sure that only Video 1 has been viewed.  And secondly, be sure the request is made within 30 days of purchase date.  That's it!   Just email [email protected] and please include a brief description.  We genuinely want to know so that we can continue to learn and grow.  See our refund policy for more information.

You and/or your team will. Or, you are free to use our vetted network to find someone who can help you (or you can use your own network as well). We've designed Ready, Set, Fundraise to work for both DIY'ers AND those who would rather outsource. Bonus: If you are currently using staff or freelancers on your communications, you may find that using Ready, Set, Fundraise will save you time and money as well!

Please ask us!  Just shoot off an email to: [email protected]




Proven Strategies.

Produce agency quality donor communications.

Ready, Set, Fundraise fits your budget, your team, and your busy schedule.  


Additional Questions?

Feel free to email us at [email protected]



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