Ready, Set, Fundraise!

Imagine having all of your donor communications for the year DONE in 30 days!


Your Fundraising Goals ARE Possible ...

Even with your current team, and your current budget.

Your mission is important, and your organization has the ability to change the world. But fundraising is changing, and strategies that have worked in the past aren't seeing the same success. More of the same leads to more of the same.

But...there IS a way to stop running on the fundraising hamster wheel. The one that reminds you everyday that you don't have enough time, money, or people to REALLY advance your mission. While taking HOURS of your time to write, design, approve, and deploy your donor communications - only to  repeat the process again the next day.  

What if there was a way to get all of your donor communications done in 30 Days, with the team you currently have? Leaving you more time, money, and energy to go after new and creative fundraising solutions.

With Ready, Set, Fundraise there is!


Step By Step Plan

You'll know exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and the order to do it! You'll also know they WHY behind it. No guessing or impossible to implement strategies.

Less Time Fundraising

Spend LESS time on fundraising and MORE time on your mission. With our proprietary plan, you'll get your fundraising strategy AND all of your communications done in 30 days.

Affordable & Effective

Learn the secrets that large nonprofits pay millions for - at a price small nonprofits can afford. You'll learn proven strategies that your existing team can actually implement.


Imagine Having...

  • A trained team - that all speaks the same language and has the same understanding of how, what, when and why of fundraising strategy and donor communications
  • All your fundraising communications done for the year - in 30 days
  • Better communications that your donors actually want to read and give money to
  • Freedom to spend more time and money on your mission - allowing you and your team to test, implement, and grow other areas of development
  • Renewed passion for WHY you started working with nonprofits - and reduced burn out for you and your team

With Ready, Set, Fundraise you can!


Ready, Set, Fundraise fits your budget, your team, and your busy schedule. AND it is the only solution that wants you to spend LESS time and money on your fundraising.



"The Nonprofit Consulting Shop came highly recommended. They provide innovative ideas, as well as the tools that were key to us achieving our goals. Ready, Set, Fundraise is a must-have for any nonprofit."

Sheila Etonga
President & Founder, CLife

With Ready, Set, Fundraise You GET...

A Clear and Easy Plan that WORKS

An Affordable & Customizable Way to do all of Your Fundraising Communications for the Year

Designed to work with any Size Team (Even if it's Just You!)


A 30 Day Plan - to Help Keep You on Track and get Everything Done - FAST

Access the Course From Any Device

21 Videos That Include Industry Secrets Previously Only Available to Large Nonprofits

Tip Sheets for Each Session to Help You Execute Right Away

7 Checklists - Designed to Ensure That Each Communication is Really Ready for Your Donors

15 Donor Communications Clearly Laid out for You to Execute From Concept Through Writing, Design and Execution

A Private Facebook Group with LIVE Training, Help and Support

Access to our Network of Vetted Designers, Writers, Resources, and Tools (not required, but available for you to hire and use as needed)

The Roadmap - Our Proprietary Plan to Help You get ALL of Your Donor Communications Done in 30 Days

Writing and Design Examples to Help You Apply What You Learn

4 Bonus Videos for Extra Help



+ More!



We designed Ready, Set, Fundraise to save you time and money. We also created it with cost in mind, to make sure that it fits both your current budget and your current team. 

Traditional options can still end up costing you time, money, and keep you trapped on the fundraising hamster wheel.

BUT with Ready, Set, Fundraise ...

You'll save time and money with our clear, and easy to execute plan.

For a Limited Time, Get 20% Off!

We offer 3 plans for Ready, Set, Fundraise. Each plan is designed to fit both your goals, and your budget. If cost is still an issue, we suggest presenting Ready, Set, Fundraise to one or more of your major donors. If they see the benefit, they may help you cover the cost, or cover it in full!

Ready, Set, Fundraise



For a Limited Time:

Get 20% off Ready, Set, Fundraise

This is a savings of $600 off of the regular price!

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Ready, Set, Fundraise SUPER PLUS



For a Limited Time:

Get 20% off Ready, Set, Fundraise 

PLUS a 6-point review for 3 of your communications

AND a review of your Fundraising Ask.

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Ready, Set, Fundraise PLUS



For a Limited Time:

Get 20% off Ready, Set, Fundraise 

PLUS a 6-point review for 3 of your communications.

This is a savings of $720 off of the regular price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready, Set, Fundraise will technically work for any sized organization.  However, we really think that you should have at least 75-100 (general) donors on your file. If you have less than 75 donors on file, or have never communicated with your donors, then you may be a better fit for Ready, Set, Start.  If you have more than 1,000 donors on your file, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can talk about what may be the best solution for your organization. The good news is Ready, Set, Fundraise will work for any sized development team, from 1 to many.

Well, for starters it’s a new faster way to complete your fundraising.  By spending just a few hours a day for 30 days you can finish your fundraising and then work on other areas of development.  This is significantly different than what traditional consultants or agencies do.  Another difference is you will be getting all of the industry tips that the large nonprofits and their agencies know.  You will learn tips and best practices for each communication and how to support each campaign online.  Plus, you will learn our Formula for a Strong Fundraising Ask.  This little formula will help you produce better communications that your donors will actually want to read and give money to. 


Yes, you can be! Or you may be done in LESS than 30 days.  We know it works because we have done it ourselves for our clients.   Just block your calendar and protect the time you have allowed yourself.  Stay committed and we know it will work and it will save you time.

Well, that is the idea, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that will be the outcome for every user. There are just too many outside factors that could influence your results which are not in our control. What we can say is that you will learn how to better communicate with your donors and by doing that, you SHOULD raise more money from them than you are currently. If you follow the program and do not see better results, then you can sign up for us to do an audit and review of your fundraising ask and/or your communications.   

We can totally do that! Additional users at your current location are only $50 per person. We also have pricing for chapters.  Please email us at [email protected] and let us know how many chapters will be using Ready, Set, Fundraise and we will provide the pricing and instructions for chapter-based organizations.

There is a mix of appeals and y-touch communications, including a robust calendar year end campaign (using both email and a direct mail piece), social media, web components, tax receipt, annual report and welcome series. You'll get our proprietary mix, and expert recommendations on when and what to communicate. So, you'll know exactly what to send, and when to send it.

The great news is, you can turn any email into a direct mail piece (if you are already using that with your donors) and vice versa. Giving you double the communications for ½ the price!

You and/or your team will. Or, you are free to use our vetted network to find someone who can help you (or you can use your own network as well). We've designed Ready, Set, Fundraise to work for both DIY'ers AND those who would rather outsource. Bonus: If you are currently using staff or freelancers on your communications, you may find that using Ready, Set, Fundraise will save you time and money as well!

In addition to ALL of the content within Ready, Set, Fundraise you also get access to the Nonprofit Consulting Shop team and a community of nonprofits. After you sign up, you will be provided with our email addresses so you can ask us quick questions. Plus, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can post questions to us and/or to the community. And if you are really stuck, you can schedule some private consulting or training time with us. And because you are a part of Ready, Set, Fundraise, you get 25% OFF of the published prices for ANY consulting or training! 

We would never want that.  The refund and cancellation process is super easy, but there are two criteria that need to be met. First, be sure that only Video 1 has been viewed.  And secondly, be sure the request is made within 30 days of purchase date.  That's it!   Just email [email protected] and please include a brief description.  We genuinely want to know so that we can continue to learn and grow.  See our refund policy for more information.

Please ask us!  Just shoot off an email to: [email protected]



With Ready, Set, Fundraise You CAN...

Spend LESS Time

Learn the secret to creating impactful fundraising campaigns AND spend LESS time doing it!  The entire year's worth of fundraising completed in just 30 days!

Spend LESS Money

The course costs you less money than most consultants or industry experts and certainly less than agencies charge for the SAME strategies!  

Actually Do It!

You will learn not just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it and most importantly, the ORDER in which to do it.  This makes it easy and fun!





Questions? Contact us at [email protected]



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