New Donor Acquisition

Learn how to begin to acquire new donors for your organization.  (Large budget NOT required!)

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the WHAT

An on-demand single session training module that will give your organization information about how and where to begin to acquire new donors.

the HOW

Learn the secrets to low-cost (or no cost) donor acquisition.  Step by step plan of how to acquire new donors offline and online.

the WHO

Having the right type of new donor can set your organization up for future success.  Learn more about the different types and how to reach them.


This session will help you begin to acquire new donors for your organization. Watch the video. Complete the worksheet. Review the tip sheets. Use the 2 calendars and jump start your acquisition program.

Build Your Donor File

Every organization needs to acquire donors.  But what type?  "Where do I find them?"  "What if I have no budget?"  "Where do I start?" 

These are real questions that we get every day.  And we share all of the answers to these questions and more in this session.


What's included?


Includes a 10 minute video that you can watch over and over from any device.  Easy to understand.  Easy to implement acquisition ideas that won't break the bank!

Worksheet & Tip Sheet

Use the included worksheet to help you picture the type of donor you envision acquiring.  Use the New Donor Profile tip sheet to see how to find those potential donors.

2 Calendars

Not one, but two calendars are included with this single session to help you run a crowdfunding campaign and organic acquisition.

Get Started Now!

Learn the WHAT, the HOW and the WHY of new donor acquisition.  Perfect for organizations that want to start to acquire new donors.


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