Let's face it 2020 has been challenging.  For the remainder of this year, we want to help you shift or revise your strategies to help your organization not just survive, but thrive.   For a limited time, we are offering 3 new coaching packages to help you navigate the rest of 2020.


Donor Communications Check Up 

Are you confused about how to continue your donor communications?  Do you have a question about your current donor communications strategy, or perhaps you need a course-correction?  Maybe you just aren't sure how to talk to your donors right now.  We can provide you with recommendations on how to move forward.  This consultation includes two 30 min Zoom calls.  This is only available for a limited time.

Two 30 min Zoom Sessions

PRICE:  $125.00


HIT THE MARK:   July thru Sept

This three month package includes 3 1-hour Zoom calls (plus a kick off call) to tailor a customized plan or recommendation based on your unique organization.  Do you need help with strategy or communicating with your donors? Do you need to set a plan for year-end or do you need to make up lost revenue?  Whatever is needed for you to hit the mark, we are there to help you.  This is only available for a limited time and must be purchased before July 20th.

Three 1-hour Customized Coaching Sessions

PRICE:  $250.00


All the Way Thru:  July thru Dec

This is a six month package with six 1 hour zoom calls (plus a kick off call).  If you want some coaching each month for the rest of the year (all the way through Year End Giving), then this is the package for you.  Totally customizable for your organization and your needs, be it strategy, offer development, fundraising ask or even help with your donor communications.  This is only available for a limited time and must be purchased before July 20th.

Six 1-Hour Customized Coaching Sessions:

PRICE:  $450.00


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