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The Biggest Mistake that most nonprofits make with their donor communications

The biggest mistake that we see smaller nonprofits make is - not having, or undervaluing, a Welcome Series.

Now, you may be asking, “do we really need a welcome series?” Or.. is it really that important? And the answer to both is YES! While there are some areas you can “skip” or add as you grow, a Welcome Series really does fall under the “must have” category.

So how can you avoid undervaluing your Welcome Series, while making sure it encourages news donors to actually stick around? Here are 5 quick tips for you.

1. Use Your Welcome Series to Build the Relationship.

In today’s world of marketing overload, donors aren’t looking for more marketing – they are looking for a relationship. And BONUS…. it works! Welcome Series emails generate 320% more revenue than standard email asks, and donors who receive a Welcome Series show 33% more engagement with the organization[1]. This is HUGE!

 2. Don’t Assume a Gift = Commitment

So many nonprofits think that when they receive that first gift from a donor that now that person is bonded to the organization – forrreevvveerrr (said in our best Ham from The Sandlot voice).

While we wish this was the case, the reality suggests otherwise.  So in order to avoid losing a new donor, don’t assume the relationship is serious just because they gave one gift. They need to have a great experience with you AFTER that gift, before they’ll consider giving again.

3. A Welcome Series is NOT a receipt

Your donors absolutely should be getting a receipt when they give. However, this NOT the same thing as a Welcome Series.

Think of a Welcome Series as an introduction to who you are as an organization.

 4. Don’t overwhelm your donors

Do not pummel your donors with too many facts, statistics, or information about your organization, OR with too many emails.  Share the highlights, through a powerful story.

5. “Meet” With Them at Least Twice Before You Ask Them to Give Again

Remember, your donors are trying to decide if they want a long-term relationship with you. They need to get to know you better.  Go slow.  Don’t push too fast.  And let them see more of you.         

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