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Small Nonprofits Often Make THIS Mistake

Smaller nonprofits often times will watch what the larger nonprofits are having success with and then they try to duplicate it.  We are all for that!  The downside is that sometimes the smaller nonprofits are also duplicating the failures without even realizing it.  And with a smaller nonprofit, there is just not enough time to research and determine better ways to do donor communications. 

But don’t worry.  We’ve got you covered.

The second biggest mistake that small nonprofits make on their donor communications is that they are following a flawed and broken execution process.

Yep you read that right!

They may be doing the RIGHT things, but they are doing them the WRONG way. This means they are:

  • Creating more work
  • Accruing higher costs
  • And spending more time than they need to - just getting their donor communications done

And now everyone is replicating this flawed process. 

However, YOU don’t have to follow the same process.  And you CAN break free and do things more efficiently. 

 But how?

       1.  Don’t Do the Same Things and Expect a Different Result

As we’ve all heard, that’s the literal definition of insanity.

But so often we repeat the same fundraising mistakes and time wasters because we just don’t know a better or different way to do it.

To break out of the rut, consider trying a NEW way to do your communications. Which brings us to #2…

      2. Really look at how your donor communications are being executed

How many days or months are you spending just working on your donor communications?

We would really encourage you to DECREASE the amount of time you are spending (without, of course, sacrificing quality) and be more proactive and less reactive when it comes to putting together your timelines and calendars.

If you don’t know how to do this, we can help.

We took something that was super complicated and took teams over 80+ hours a week to execute (all while having panic attacks) and we made it EASY. In fact, following our plan, you can execute 15 donor communications in just 30 days.

This is something we know will disrupt the industry. It could even have ripple effects back to agencies. But that’s not the only secret we want to share with you. We want to share everything!

We want to help you spend LESS time and money on your fundraising – while getting MORE responses, returns, and revenue.

Which brings us to #3.

      3.  Make Sure You Have the Right Partners

Are you using a vendor? Are you working with a consultant? Have you hired an agency?

No matter who your partners are, it’s important to make sure that they aren’t part of the reason you are spending more time and money on your fundraising communications. And a Partner Review is a great way to get that answer.

Working in agencies for so many years opened our eyes to the way they operate, and how they justify the high fees.

They over complicate the execution process by adding additional steps, and time, and then they can turn around and charge more money. Clearly, they are not interested in efficiency as that would lower their fees.

Consultants can be great! But they don’t always leave you with a realistic plan that your current team can execute in addition to their daily responsibilities.

So, if you are working with a partner, or agency right now, we strongly encourage you to audit that process.

It really is possible to spend LESS time, money, and staff hours on donor communications and see HIGHER returns, response, and revenue.

And Ready, Set, Fundraise can help you do just that.  Transform not just your time, but your fundraising results as well.

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