Have you ever wanted a private and confidential review of your acquisition program?   Do you ever wonder if the recommendations from your agency are driven by their own revenue goals or if they are really what is best for your organization?

Our expert team can review your entire acquisition program, from audience to offer, dates, \the correct acquisition volumes needed to reach your goals... or even if you have the right vendors... or anything in between.  We will give you the best evaluation and recommendations specifically designed for your organization and your goals.


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Schedule a call with our team so that we can learn more about your organization and your exact needs.  Pricing for the audit is dependent on the scope of the project which will be discussed during this call. 


There is a nominal charge for this call, which will be applied towards the price of the audit.

"Jackie understands that once the correct audience is identified, they need the right creative approach. Her years of experience forming and analyzing everything from test lists to different designs and writing has given her a keen eye for what works, and the knowledge of how to adapt tactics to achieve better results. "

Terri Shoemaker
formerly with America’s Second Harvest (now Feeding America)

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