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We Can't Wait to Meet YOU!

If you've ever wondered if there was any improvement you could make with how (or what) you are communicating with your donors, then you are going to want to get to know us. 

Why? Because we are going to share each & every industry best practice and fundraising secret we know. Trust us, we know them all after years of working at agencies that specialized in donor communications and fundraising. 

See, we don't believe that only the super-large nonprofits should have access to this information which is why we will tell you EVERYTHING.

Together We Can Change The World...

We want to use our strengths in the area of fundraising to remove the stress from you – so that you can create sustainable funding – and have more time and energy to pour back into your nonprofit.

We are excited to bring the tools, resources, and training to nonprofits (of any size) that have previously only been available to the super large nonprofits.

We believe that if everyone uses their strengths and works TOGETHER we CAN change the world.

Who We Are


Kari Trent Stageberg

Kari Trent Stageberg, MBA

Nonprofits are my passion. I have more than 15 years of experience working with nonprofits. Both from the agency side as well as directly. As a matter of fact, I am currently running a small nonprofit, so trust me, I know the struggles. (Read More..)

Jackie Lemke Smith

Jackie Smith

I love using my strengths to help nonprofits change the world. And over the years, I have had the pleasure to work on behalf of some amazing nonprofits. I have well over 20 years of agency (and life) experience to share. (Read More...)

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Like All Great Ideas,

the Nonprofit Consulting Shop was created on a napkin at a restaurant.

That day, as we talked at lunch, it became clear that we both saw a huge problem.  

Every day, we talked to people who ran nonprofits but so many lacked the fundraising expertise, time and resources to be able to set up long-term successful donor communications like the super large nonprofits were able to do.

None of these people or organizations could afford to hire the help they needed to raise support. They also were struggling to keep donations coming in and their donors engaged.

Worst of all, the energy they were spending on fundraising was taking away from other areas of development.

The more we talked, the more we realized that this needed to change. By the time we grabbed the napkin – and asked the waitress for a pen – we were determined to find a way....

Some of the nonprofits we have helped over the years...

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What does that Mean for You?

We can confidently say that working with us will reduce your time spent on fundraising and development – and allow you to put your focus and energy back into your nonprofit.

How do we know?  Well, after all of the years working in agencies, we took something super complicated - that takes large teams an entire year to complete (all while having panic attacks and 80+ hour work weeks) and simplified it all.

So, whichever way you choose to work with us,  just know, we will share all of the fundraising best practices, (with easy to follow step by step instructions).  No one wants you to spend LESS money and LESS time on your fundraising communications than we do.

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Questions? Ideas? Ready to Work Together? We are here for you. We can't wait to meet you.