Kari Trent Stageberg, M.B.A.

Nonprofit Donor-Communications Strategist

Champion for YOUR Nonprofit

I feel so blessed to have worked with, and for some of the best nonprofits in the world.

While I have an agency background, I also am currently running a small nonprofit myself. So I know inside and out the challenges that nonprofits face everyday.

For years, I watched my dad run a small nonprofit. I saw the challenges he faced while he tried to bring in funding, while trying to live out his passion.

I went on to get my MBA, from Azusa Pacific University, and started worked for a large nonprofit right out of college.

After several years working and understanding the client side, I made a switch to Masterworks where I learned even more about fundraising and development from the agency side.

During my 5+ years working in the agency world, I had the blessing and privilege of helping multi-million dollar nonprofits with their fundraising. I specialized on the Client Services and strategy side of fundraising and some of my highlights during that time were:

  • Turned around high profile accounts that were about to leave the agency (One client was so happy that they actually asked me to come work on site in their offices full time)
  • Helped increase giving for clients through innovative strategic solutions
  • Became known for not only development strategy, but for my ability to adjust the fundraising processes to maximize relationships, efficiency and results
  • Was able to problem solve not only fundraising problems, but was able to see and fix process and personnel problems to create an effective and powerful team

While I loved the challenge of helping big nonprofits, my heart was still with my dad and others like him that were running smaller nonprofits.

They didn’t have the funding to work with an agency, and I was desperate to find a way were they could.

That’s when Jackie and I went to lunch..

After hours of travel delays, I showed up late and frustrated to meet with Jackie. But that lunch changed our lives….and hopefully it will change yours.

I quit my job, started working with my dad, and Jackie and I formed The Nonprofit Consulting Shop...and the rest is history. 

"Kari has gone above and beyond to help not only C-Life, but me personally. She has a powerful and unique way of combining strategy with easy action. Following her plan and recommendations we have not only grown as an organization, but have changed countless lives as well. We couldn't have done this without her help."

S. Etonga
CEO and Founder of C-Life

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