Jackie Lemke Smith

Nonprofit Donor-Communications Strategist

Champion for YOUR Nonprofit

I began my career (many moons ago) working in an advertising agency as a Media buyer.  My account list was General Motors, Shell Oil, Pennzoil, and numerous Retail accounts.  I moved to Seattle and began working at an agency that worked with nonprofits. Throughout my time in the agencies, I continued my media buying skills, and was promoted to New Donor Acquisition Strategist, Media Director and Vice President.          

The nonprofit clients that I have had the privilege to serve over the years include: at least 20 local Rescue Missions, National MS Society, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Petsmart Charities, Susan G Komen, City of Hope, CARE, Feed the Children, Feeding America, Mercy Corps, Salvation Army, and over 25 other Faith Based Organizations.

I have helped nonprofits for over 20 years and have had staggering successes! 

  • 230% increase in new donor acquisition for Feeding America as they transitioned from America’s Second Harvest.
  • Improved retention rates based on the new donors acquired
  • Improved performance metrics based on client’s objectives
  • Created and ensured accurate performance & cost projections
  • Provided outstanding analysis and next step recommendations that kept the clients moving forward towards their goals…even in the recession!

My specialty became turning account performance around.  I was usually put on the accounts that the agency was at risk of losing.  It was my job to dissect the issues, change processes within the agency to better serve the clients, and of course improve their results. 

Kari and I met while working on one of those clients!  And together, with help from our amazing team members, we were able to turn around the agency’s largest account and literally “save the day”.  After a while, Kari moved to Texas to work for another agency and she was coming back to visit and we decided to meet for lunch that day.  She was 1 day and 4 hours late to the lunch…. (airline woes)…..But that lunch changed our lives….and hopefully it will change yours.

"Jackie understands that once the correct audience is identified, they need the right creative approach. Her years of experience forming and analyzing everything from test lists to different designs and writing has given her a keen eye for what works, and the knowledge of how to adapt tactics to achieve better results."

T. Shoemaker
America's Second Harvest (now Feeding America)

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