Covid-19 Response: More Ready, Set, Fundraise Scholarships Available. If you have a need, click here to apply.

Covid-19: We are Here to Help

With everything going on worldwide with Covid-19, we know that nonprofits are not only on the frontlines, but are also worried about, or are already experiencing some of the effects of the economic disruptions as well.

We don’t want fear or lack of funds to keep you from your mission, or helping those you serve.

Effective immediately we are providing the following to support nonprofits:

  1. We have begun awarding additional scholarships to help nonprofits access Ready, Set, Fundraise during this time. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.
  2. We have created an Emergency Response Plan CLICK HERE to learn more, to provide your real time answers and strategies for the next 6 weeks.

The world need nonprofits now more than ever. And we never want cost to be an issue that keeps your organization, or those you serve from receiving the help and support that’s needed.

We are here to help and serve. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone during this time.

-Jackie, Kari, & The Nonprofit Consulting Shop Team

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From team building, fundraising refresher courses, fundraising basics, to new hire on-boarding, we offer trainings in a variety of formats to fit your budget, your schedule, and your team. 



Ready, Set, Fundraise gives you everything you need to create your donor communications and fundraising strategy for the entire year. In 30 days (or less) you can have ALL of your fundraising communications done, and get to focus more time and energy on the areas of your nonprofit you love most.



We offer comprehensive consulting services for existing, in progress, and even conceptual nonprofits. Consulting is a great way to take your ideas from point A to point B with expert advice guiding you the whole way!


"The Nonprofit Consulting Shop came highly recommended. They provide innovative ideas, as well as the tools that were key to us achieving our goals. Ready, Set, Fundraise is a must-have for any nonprofit."

Sheila E.

"I'll admit it. My passion isn't raising funds for my nonprofit. I know it's important - but I was trained to be a counselor - not a fundraiser. But then The Nonprofit Consulting Shop showed up! Ready Set Fundraise is a powerful fundraising tool that was not only easy to understand, but easy to execute - even as a one man team. It has changed the game for my nonprofit. And they can do it for yours as well. "

John T.

"During the time that I have been a nonprofit fundraiser, I have been fortunate to work with talented professionals that consistently go above and beyond for the organizations they are serving. Jackie (and The Nonprofit Consulting Shop) is one of these professionals, and highly recommend her services."

T. Shoemaker


Try Ready, Set, Fundraise. Our best-selling, all inclusive program gives gives you everything you need to create your fundraising strategy and donor communications for the entire year.


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